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About Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) is a 136-year-old trade organization and the largest livestock association in Texas.

The association represents more than 16,400 beef cattle producers, ranching families and businesses who manage approximately 4 million head of cattle on 79.5 million acres of range and pasture land, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma.

The organization traces its roots to 1877, when 40 cattlemen joined together out of their common interest to end livestock theft. Their efforts led to the formation of what was to become Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

Today, TSCRA offers a broad range of services, including law enforcement, government and public affairs, insurance services, industry news and information on best practices, educational programs, and discounts for ranching supplies and related services to members and the industry.

Theft & Law Enforcement

TSCRA has 30 special rangers stationed throughout Texas and Oklahoma to assist in recovering stolen livestock and equipment and apprehending the thieves.

TSCRA special rangers:

  • Investigate thefts of cattle, horses, saddles, trailers, equipment, and even poaching
  • Pursue white-collar criminals who commit agricultural fraud
  • Inspect livestock to determine ownership and prevent theft after a natural disaster such as wildfire, flood or hurricane
  • Determine the ownership of estray, or stray, livestock
  • Educate landowners on how to prevent theft and spoil the plans of thieves
  • Keep the peace

Special rangers recover or account for an average of $5 million annually in livestock and property.

The law enforcement officers are aided in their efforts by TSCRA market inspectors, who record brands and other identifying markings on four to five million cattle each year at the more than 100 Texas livestock markets.

They transmit this information to TSCRA's Fort Worth headquarters, where the information is entered into the nation's largest centralized and computerized brand recording and retrieval system.

Information on missing and stolen livestock is distributed by TSCRA's law enforcement division to more than 700 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Issues & Policy

In the late 1800s, Charles Goodnight and other TSCRA members traveled to Washington, D.C., to oppose increasing railroad tariffs. The association succeeded and, as a result, gained national recognition and helped solve other industry-related problems.

TSCRA continues to advocate for cattle producers and landowners on local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory issues.

TSCRA strongly supports and defends a free enterprise system, the protection of private property rights, and the protection and enhancement of our natural resources.

With these key principles as a guide, TSCRA members develop and vote on policies that direct the association volunteer leaders and staff in their advocacy efforts.

TSCRA leaders also take on key policy and decision-making roles with other national and state industry organizations, providing relevant input and testimony, influencing state and national policy development.

Members receive action reports and timely fact sheets on legislative and regulatory issues at the state and national levels.

TSCRA makes sure the voices of cattlemen are heard and that cattlemen continue to influence policy and politics.

TSCRA's Political Action Committee (PAC) helps to ensure the election of state, local and federal candidates who share our beliefs and interests. To learn more about the TSCRA PAC and how you can help in this effort, click here.

TSCRA Insurance Services - designed by ranchers for ranching families

TSCRA Insurance Services provide members access to all types of insurance customized for ranching families or small business.

From property and casualty to health, prescriptions, and workers' compensation, TSCRA insurance services can tailor insurance packages to match your needs, all at a competitive price.

TSCRA Insurance Services provide personal service from an experienced team of insurance professionals familiar with the unique needs of agricultural operations.

TSCRA is a one-stop-shop when it comes to your insurance needs.

The Cattleman magazine

TSCRA delivers up-to-date information to members' doorsteps. Since 1914, its monthly magazine, The Cattleman, has been a trusted, reliable resource to help ranchers make sound, informed business decisions.

Easy-to-understand articles explain how to manage cattle and land to save time, reduce labor, cut costs and improve profits. Twelve monthly issues keep producers up to date on trends, legislation and technology that could significantly impact the way they do business.

The Cattleman Update daily email newsletter

The daily electronic newsletter, The Cattleman Update, provides members with time-sensitive information related to the cattle industry. It keeps members current on issues, animal health alerts, government regulations, TSCRA activities and upcoming events.

Education programs open to all

TSCRA educational programs provide producers with the latest information on animal health, pasture, wildlife management, and marketing.

The annual School for Successful Ranching is one of the largest ranching schools in the nation, attracting hundreds of students to a unique mix of classroom and hands-on demonstrations from leading experts.

The Cattle Raisers Convention, which includes the largest beef cattle industry trade show in the region, brings leading industry experts and the latest products and services to attendees. Held every spring, this event is a can’t-miss event for anyone involved in the cattle business.

TSCRA is also a coordinator for the Texas Beef Quality Producer program, a beef quality assurance program designed to promote good management practices for cattle producers to strengthen consumer confidence in beef as a wholesome food product.

Download our apps

We offer two apps for iPhone and Android devices: The Cattleman+ for tablets and The Cattleman NOW for smartphones.

If you'd like a version of The Cattleman you can take with you anywhere, download TSCRA's exclusive app for tablet devices, The Cattleman+. The app is a free benefit of being a member of TSCRA and gives users access to a digital version of the magazine that includes all the important information from the print magazine and also features special content available only through the app. Interact with and explore The Cattleman as you never have before! 

The Cattleman NOW app gives you instant access to valuable information such as the most up-to-date cattle industry news, classified ads, TSCRA event calendar and more! Find your special ranger, local livestock market and use our exclusive tools to help your operation become more profitable.

And more member benefits

TSCRA members enjoy exclusive and significant discounts through a number of partner companies offering valuable discounts on computers, vehicles, ranching equipment and supplies, hotel rates, boots, hats, accessories and more! Click here for a list of participating companies...

TSCRA provides a wealth of services and support to its member families, and we invite you to join to make the association even stronger.



Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association